Bizio Update 1

Hey! The first update on the development progress for Bizio obviously can’t cover everything I’ve done up to this point but over time I’ll cover a majority of the functionality and inner workings.

Authorization and authentication are key components to Bizio. Everyone needs to create an account to manage their games, settings, and (possibly) achievements. I’m coming to the end of development on the authorization server and am happy to report it has generally been smooth sailing. Bizio resources will be hosted separately from Hyjynx authentication so that Bizio users can have a seamless transition between all Hyjynx products (if we get that far). I’ve been able to implement some modern touches including email verification and refresh tokens, which will allow users to sign in once and remain signed in for an extended period of time. User banning has also been implemented, although I hope it doesn’t have to be used. We’ll be able to ban users temporarily and permanently on one or all authorization clients, of which Bizio is currently the only one.

My next steps are going to be integrating these user accounts into the Bizio ecosystem, which includes associating games with these users, displaying all on-going games, and loading past games. Things are really coming along as the summer winds down!

Bizio Update 1

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